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Still not sure? Here are some popular questions:

I’ve never worked out. Is Virtuous Fitness right for me?

This gym is where beginners thrive. We meet you where you are and take you step by step to your next level and breakthrough! Our coaches design your session to mimic the functional movements you encounter in everyday life, so you not only look great, but get through your day filled with energy. 

How much attention will I get from the coaches?

Nobody gets lost in our sessions. Our coaches will make sure you are moving safely, effectively and efficiently. They will push you to create the best version of yourself. They will motivate and encourage you to reach new heights and hype you up so you’re excited to come back again next time.

I have existing injuries. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We’ll get the details of your injury, your treatment and your limitations before a single bead of sweat drops. Our coaches will give you variations of the workout to ensure your goals don’t stop because of your injury.

A place where you’re
seen, heard, cared for,
and celebrated

We wake up with passion every morning ready to help you achieve your goals

Our coaches are highly educated with 1000’s of hours of training experience between them. We know you’re busy, we know you have other important things in life, which is why we structure our classes to ensure every minute brings you closer to your goal. 

Our group environment is one that cannot be recreated anywhere else. The support, motivation, and accountability from the other members in the class is like nothing you have experienced before. You will become part of one of the most unique and selfless fitness communities in the industry.


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