Virtuous Fitness isn't just a place to workout.

We are MORE than a gym. We are MORE than a community. We are MORE than a place you go to workout. We are the place you go to find change you can do and results you can see.


What makes Virtuous Fitness Different?

Virtuous Fitness is revolutionary because it helps you finally take control of your Fitness and Lifestyle in a way that makes sense for you, rather than telling you to do something that just doesn’t makes sense the long term. We coach Real People in the Real World and help them achieve their goals without creating extremes in their lifestyle that last long term.

Our coaching and approach starts with understanding you as a client, hearing what you want to achieve and why, what the obstacles in the way are, and then creating a blueprint for you to get to your goals AND keeping them for good. 

"This is by far one of the best CrossFit gyms I’ve been too. You are instantly family!! If you’re new to CrossFit, they make sure all your questions are answered and that you know what’s going on and how to do the movements CORRECTLY. The coaches love what they do and are educated in their field. There are people from every level of fitness and age group. You’re never too old, young, or out of shape to start. And if you’re at the top of your game, the coaches will make sure you feel challenged. While it’s a big gym, it’s got that small town family feel."

Brianna C.

"July 1st 2019 was my one year anniversary at this box. Great staff, even better community, looking forward to many more years working out with these people!"

Adam W.

"CF7C is my home away from home. The Community is beyond amazing, inviting, always challenging, family oriented, and pushing you to be the best version of yourself. Always learning, developing, and training here. I have been a part of this community since 2017 and even being stationed in other locations, I always come back here because not only have I grown in fitness, I have grown as a person and gained a family in the process."

Megan G.