BE REAL. Nutrition is a long game.

Friday, September 25, 2020 - 17:16
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A lot of people have the idea that results should happen after a day of tracking your food, being on a “cleanse” or being on some kind of diet.


You know who I am talking about. It's probably the same person who after working out their abs in the gym lift up their shirt in the mirror or ask the trainer; “Do I have abs yet?”


But have you ever heard; “you work your abs in the gym but they are made in the kitchen!”


Then your Coach asks you to track what you are eating for a short period of time, its not only for your benefit its for your coaches to learn.


Its not because we think adding steps to a clients daily living will be fun.


Its because if you have a certain goal you want to achieve you have to do the work.


Tracking is putting in the work.


If you want to have ripped abs - Eating McDonalds, Burger King or Jack in the Box probably isn’t what is going to get you there.


If you don’t know where you are, the 1st step is what we have to figure it out.


What is it that you are actually eating each day?


How many calories?


How many Carbs, Fats, and Protein?


When we ask clients to track these items it usually is followed by new clients having the “Beginners Mentality”.


We know this all too well……. the old “I know best Mentality.”


This is our clients that want to go into a deficit too soon or go straight into intermittent fasting.


Without having a base line established.


This can be a “palm to face” for every Nutritionist out there.


We have to have a baseline.


What have to know what you are eating before we get you to any kind of deficit or intermittent eating.


If you have failed failed and failed again.


What you were doing was not working for sustainability.


So why keep repeating what failed you?


Because you want “results” quicker then your body can give you.

Because you want to loose that “COVID19” now.


Not in 3-6 months or maybe even a year.


We want to encourage you to have a more realistic mentality that is not just setting yourself up for failure.


We want sustainability for you!


We should be looking at long term goals with you.


We want to ask more “WHY” questions around why you want this goal.




When you respond with “cause I want to be lean” then keep asking you “WHY.”


Until you find the real reason you are doing what you are doing.


If you want more help asking why click HERE.


We got you covered.



Written by:

Coach Felecia