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Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 21:02
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I have had the pleasure of being Coached by some awesome people over the past several years. I have invested hard in myself on a number of things.

As I added things into my routine and into my day I slowly found myself in a continuous state of chaos.

Our gym grew, the Team Expanded, and the problems increased. Or did they?

About 3 years ago I had hit my tipping point. I was at a place where daily I would say “I don’t have enough time for that.” Or “sure I can do that” only to fail miserably and let down both myself and the person I was trying to assist.

One day I reached out to a man by the name of Craig Ballantyne (Listen to our Podcast with him HERE) and actually asked him “do you know of any Coaches that would be willing to work with a small gym owner like me?” He replied with a simple answer and video that said “I will!” And it all changed from there…

Finding Clarity 

One of the biggest things I have learned over the years is the importance of knowing exactly where you are going. In fact I can think of several times when I have been at a Coaching event where someone asked me a simple question. “What do you want?” Seems like a simple enough question but the answer is always something that is more challenging.

I have found through my years of being Coached and Coaching others that finding what you want is the first step in anything you do.

It makes it easier to stick to the plan.

It makes it easier to plan in the first place.

It brings more satisfaction when you get where you want to be.

I can think of many client conversations I have had over the years that involved lack of motivation and drive. Guess what the culprit was?...... Lack of clarity and vision of where they wanted to go.

If you think about it not knowing what you want is the same as getting into a car to drive with NO destination.

When it comes to planning your perfect day which will almost certainly get you to your goal faster you have to take the time on the front in to get EXTREMELY clear on what it is you want specifically in the first place.

So…… What do you want?

Put First things First

Every single day we do many things that ultimately knock down our vastly populated to do list. That could be grocery shopping, taking the kids to appointments, working out, checking email, and so much more.

Out of that to do list how many of them often get put to the side?

Let’s say you get clear like we spoke about above and you realized or decided that you wanted to lose body fat. This is a simple enough example because the things you need to do can be laid out very clearly.

To lose fat you need to go to the gym, drink  water, plan your meals, and likely keep fresh produce in the house at all times. But here is what happens to all of us - We find ourselves watching tv and relaxing instead of going to the gym. We forget to drink water because we had our attention loaded into work projects. We find ourselves not going to the grocery store because someone needed us to do something for them. Any of this ring true to you? Does for me.

This is what I recommend for you to try instead. When Craig asked me what I want and I wrote it out he then had me prioritize everything in my life.

That meant making a large list of things that I wanted to do and had to do daily (I did this in my journal). I then pulled out my calendar (I use google calendar) and went to work. The first thing that went into my calendar was the things that served my goal and family which were what I decided were my “non-negotiables”.

After those went into my calendar all of the other things I needed or wanted to do daily went in. This left me with a calendar planned around “First things” that supported my goals and filled in the other things I need to do daily.


It has always been striking to me how much changes in a persons life when they establish solid routines daily. It is likely due to the fact that most people thrive with solid habits. I heard one time from a Coach I really respect named Luka Hocevar “Show me a persons habits and routines and I will show you their results.” 

What I gather from that statement is that successful people always have a solid daily routine or rhythm to their lives. For starters I recommend having a solid Morning and Nightly Routine. 

A morning routine gets each day started the way you want it to. In most cases how you start a day is how you finish a day. If you start a day disorganized and chaotic than you will likely have an entire day go the same way.

Same thing goes for a nightly routine. A nightly routine prepares you for a productive and successful morning and most importantly ensures you have a solid night's sleep. 

I believe a successful morning routine begins early. Wake up earlier than everyone else in your house. If you kid gets up at 6am then you get up at 5am. If you have to work at 7am and have no kids then you get up at 5:30am. That could give you 30 minutes to yourself before you start your routine to get out the door.

I find that the most successful people I have ever met not only wake up early but the wake up with a plan. This means when you wake up what will you do? Things like drinking a big glass of water, having a greens shake/smoothie, or having morning coffee on your porch is a good start. Follow that up with some journaling or meditation. Maybe reading a book for personal development purposes comes next.

The point here is to put yourself in power every single day before your first interaction with any other person. This will make you a more effective parent, friend, or co-worker. Best of all you will feel better about yourself and more happy!

Next put in some work to your nightly routine. This is where you prepare yourself for rest and calm down after a long crazy day. A couple of ideas for that are to get into bed an hour before you want to fall asleep.

No watching TV and No staring at Phones in bed! Pull out your favorite book and read 10-20 pages. Listen to something calming like a book or nature sounds if need be. 

Another solid thing to do here is to pull out a journal and write about your day. The wins the losses and maybe the things you need to accomplish the next day. Some like to pull out their clothes they want to wear the next day. Which eliminates another decision I have to make in the morning!


Simple Hacks

I am always blown away by how simple things can be sometimes. I have always found that the most simple things make the biggest difference. I want to share a few more BIG yet simple things you can add into your perfect day.

First, the “No Social Media Time”. You would be blown away by how insanely simple and effective this is for people. Here is how it works….Are you ready? Set a time everyday for yourself that you will not check social media. For me, I use social media for my business but I have a rule that I will not check it before 10am. That means no red notifications get removed off my phone until after that time. No messages answered. No comments replied to. 10am is my time and I will not check it before then.                                  

Second, the “Do not to do list”. This is a list of things you will not do everyday. For me right now as I write this my to do list is: I will not curse, I will not procrastinate, and I will not eat sugary treats. What are a few things that you want to stop doing daily? Write them down and keep them close to you to always be your reminder.

Third, the “Do not disturb setting”. If you have an important thing you need to get done or something you need to focus on. Put your phone on the do not disturb setting. Then, go put it somewhere out of reach so you can focus. This is extremely helpful while working when you find yourself distracted. When you find yourself distracted by social media or answering texts you only decrease your productivity making you more likely to fall back on your non-negotiables to get work done.

Fourth set  “No Phone time”. A few years ago we bought this thing called a “Unplugged  lock box”. It is essentially a little box we throw our phones in at night. This helps us to be more connected and for us to be present. When it comes to having your perfect day that is a big key. My no phone time begins at 6pm and it stays in the box until bedtime (I use it for an alarm).


As you can see in this article most of the things shared are very simple. But they are not easy. All of the things you want in your body, mind, relationships, or career hinge on the way you live your life daily. Using the things I shared here WILL 100% change your life and how you operate to a level you can’t imagine. Now it is up to you to do the hard work and implement!

Here is what you do:

-Get clear on what it is that you want

-Get clear on what is most important to you daily

-Plan your days around the most important things supporting your goals first

-Set morning and nightly routines for your days

-Add in a few simple productivity hacks


Really, it is that simple. You got this and I believe in you! 

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Written by:

Coach Cody Smith (Owner Virtuous Fitness | Silverdale Washington